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All frequently asked questions

  • How can I change my e-mail address?

    You use your e-mail address to log in at www.ah.nl. We also send you an order confirmation by e-mail when you place an order. Therefore, it is important that we have your current e-mail address.

    You can change your e-mail address by logging in and clicking on 'My details'. Before the change is processed, we will send a confirmation e-mail to your new e-mail address. Click on the link in this e-mail message to activate your new e-mail address.

  • How can I change my address?

    You can change your address if you are going to move house, or you have already moved. It is advisable to do so before placing an order. To do this, log in with your e-mail address and password and go to My Details.

  • How can I sign up or unsubscribe for post or e-mail?

    If you no longer wish to receive post or e-mail from the webshops, or you wish to sign up for this service, log in with your e-mail address and password and go to My Details. Here you can indicate what you do and do not wish to receive.

  • What should I do if I have forgotten my password?

    If you have forgotten your password, click on Forgotten? By entering your e-mail address, you will be sent your password by e-mail.

    If you no longer have access to the e-mail address you entered in your details, please contact Customer Service.

  • I have a new bank account number. How can I change my direct debit?

    If you have a new account number, you need to withdraw your old direct debit authorisation by sending us an authorisation withdrawal form, and authorise a new direct debit by sending us a new authorisation form.

    You can download both forms from our website. You will need the programme Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print these PDF files. If you do not have this programme installed, you can download it free of charge from the Adobe website (www.adobe.nl).

    You can send both forms to: Albert Bezorgservice, Postbus 3000, 1500 HA Zaandam.

    Have you placed an order to be delivered soon? Then we advise you to contact the Customer Service department on 0800 2352523. The existing direct debit authorisation can be withdrawn, which will prevent the wrong account being debited. Subsequently, you will have to pay for the order using your bank card.

  • How can I make a shopping list?

    You can make your own lists of your favourite items, such as products that you buy frequently, or products that you would like to see grouped together (for example, everything you can think of for a birthday party or barbecue).

    To add items to a list, click on the list icon next to each item. You will then be asked to which of your lists you wish to add this item. You can also create a new list here.

    Additionally, you can also find items from previous orders and items you have previously purchased in the Albert Heijn store in My Webshop. A shopping list enables you to place an order very quickly, without having to look for items on the shelves.

  • How does the AH Webshop know which items I have bought in the store?

    Purchases in the Albert Heijn stores are registered by means of the AH Bonuskaart (AH Bonus card).

    By using your Bonus Card, you give AH permission to share this data with you (see the general terms & conditions of the AH Bonuskaart).

  • Why can't I see all the items I have bought in the store?

    The list contains items you have purchased from Albert Heijn at least twice in the previous 12 weeks. It also includes items you have purchased at least once in the previous four weeks. The data is updated once a week. As a result, it is possible that items you have purchased recently, or items that you haven't purchased in a long while, do not appear on the list.

  • I see items on my list that I haven't purchased

    If you see an item that you don't recognise as something you have purchased before, it may that other family members use the same Bonus Card number as you. or perhaps that you let other customers use your Bonus Card at the cash register in an AH store. If you do not purchase the item (again), it will automatically disappear from your list within a few weeks.

    Unfortunately it is not possible to remove items from your list on request.


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